Biography of

 Director General,

 Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan

      Captain Hamid Zaher was born on 25th January 1965 in Shindand district of Herat province. He has completed his higher education as a pilot from Krasnodar Air force university, previous USSR (Russia) in 1985.

      The airline Captain was a fighter pilot and is an active civil Aviator, having approximately 12000 flying hours to his credit. He has flown various types of aircrafts, which include L-39 (Albatross), YAK-40, Boeing-727, Airbus-300-B4 and Airbus-310.

      He has attended numbers of courses at home country and abroad. He has obtained qualification as Aircraft incident and accident inspector from Jordan Queen Noor Aviation academy and as ICAO Indorsed Government Safety Inspector (Operation) from Bangladesh civil aviation authority, conducted by FAA Academy.

      He is holder of ATPL ASMEL license with various aircraft type ratings from different countries like; Turkey, India, Kuwait, Jordan, Uzbekistan, and Russia.

      The Director General is a widely travelled person, he has visited many countries including USA, Canada, UK, Turkey, Germany, France, Belgium, Thailand, Russia, China, Indonesia, KSA, UAE, India, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Jordan, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and some others.

     The Captain has served in different positions and duties which are as follow:

·        Air force pilot

·        Air force chief pilot Assistance chief pilot with Ariana Afghan Airlines

·        Director of Flight Operation of Ariana Afghan Airlines

·        Deputy Minister, Ministry Of Transport and Civil Aviation

·        Since January 2014  He has  appointied as Director General of Civil Aviation Authority