Airlines Establishment

National and international organization and people can establish airlines based on civil aviation law

  1. To have investment license from related authorities.
  2. To have technical and administrative employees including flight safety management.
  3. To have statute of airlines.
  4. To have guiding book for airline operation
  5. To have central base in the capital or provinces and branch insight and outside the country.
  6. To have business plan
  7. To have security program
  8. Determination and registering code from ICAO
  9. Purpose of the air transportation
  10. Two million dollar in Da Afghanistan Bank as guarantee.
  11. To have confirmation from Economic Committee of Council of ministers.

Operating license terms

All private airlines must complete these terms within sex month from the date that they receive their operating license.

  1. At least have two airplanes based on ICAO standard.
  2. T o have airplanes with no more than 15 years operation.
  3. Confirmation from EU civil aviation officials.
  4. Equipped with technical depot of airplanes.
  5. Equipped with transmitting from land to land and land to air.
  6. To have insurance of airplanes, passengers and flight attendant based on international civil aviation regulation.
  7. To have technical documents, flight capability certificate, registration, airplane sound and flight attendant license.
  8. Recruitment of technical staffs and establish their office.
  9. To have required maintenance program
  10. To have safety program for airplanes based on international civil aviation regulation.
  11. To have registration certificate from IATA
  12. technical and experienced certificate of chief pilote.
  13. other necessary documents based on international civil aviation regulation.