Inauguration of Afghanistan Early Warning System & Launch of Hydrometeorology Services Strengthening Roadmap. ………………..

Opening ceremony of the early warning system of natural disasters and unveiling country’s hydro metrology services roadmap took place on Sunday 11th November 2018 attended by some of the cabinet ministers and Mr. Mahmood Shah Habibi head of Civil Aviation Authority.

Mr. Habibi stated: The new climate forecasting center has been developed with support and coordination of USAID, World Bank, The World Meteorological Organization and Meteorological department of Turkey.

The establishment of a climate prediction center is an important and effective step in predicting natural disasters. This system can now forecast weather events and provide early warnings and it’s easily accessible to public for weather services. As well as, this system is able to report automatically from satellite to the system about the climate change through the websites.

Therefore, the necessary and effective coordination between related government authorities and organizations has been developed for advancement and betterment of the center.