Resume of Kam Air Flights to UAE after getting out of UAE Ban.

Kam Air will soon begin its flight on Kabul-Dubai route after the four years ban removal by the General Civil Aviation Authority of UAE.
Mahmood Shah Habibi, Head of the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority last month on a trip to the United Arab Emirates met the Acting Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates H.E. Omar Bin Ghalib to resolve the ban issues on Kam Air flights in order to strengthen the presence of the Afghanistan Airlines in the Kabul-Dubai route.

The effective policies and procedures of the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority to measure the airline’s services, standards and the implementation of the safety standards on them have changed the views of the foreign countries on the Afghanistan Airlines.
So far, only the Ariana Afghan Airlines has been operating in this sector, and now with the launch of the Kam Air Flights; it will bring comfortability and convenience for the passengers to travel with choice of their own airline and therefore, it will enhance the competition in the market.